Public relations

In today’s digital world with a 24-hour news cycle, PR and media relations have never been so important.

We have a proven track record in creating and managing innovative, thought-leader PR campaigns that keep our clients at the forefront of their industry and help maintain their position as market leaders. We are also skilled at using PR and media relations as part of the marketing mix to help our clients bring new products to market.

Over the last decade we have built strong working relationships with key trade journalists and opinion formers that have helped businesses gain cut through and positive media coverage in the UK and beyond.

It can take years to build up a strong brand, but your whole corporate reputation can be undone almost over night due to negative press coverage or social media sentiment.

To this end we have also helped our clients to develop robust crisis communications plans that help protect their brand and media sentiment.

With the rise of social media (link to social media page), PR has become a key communicator with consumers. Our clients have taken advantage of our social media expertise to build relationships with their customers and are taking PR a step further to ensure that they are building their brand by enhancing their reputation via direct communication.

Contact us to find out what positive PR and media relations could help your business achieve.