Hwyl Fawr and Diolch yn Fawr… Fairwell, Alex!

As the old saying goes, all good things in life must come to an end. And, that is true of our Marketing & PR Consultant Alexandra Davies’ tenure at TMPR.

Having been with the company for the last three years, Alex has decided to make the move away from the world of B2B PR and its technical regulations and free event notebooks (we love a good freebie!) and dab her hand at a new challenge. Reflecting on the last three years, this is what she had to say about being a part of the TMPR team…


Joining the team as a fresh, budding graduate, the last three years have been a whirlwind. From diving in at the deep end working on a national PR campaign in my first week, to facing a global pandemic and spending half of my time with the business in my own four walls, Technical Marketing & PR has been a wonderful place to learn, develop and spread my wings.

Although I’m drawing my three years to a close, I want to leave on a high and write about the things that have meant the most to me being a part of the boutique, award-winning agency that has given me the opportunities to develop and diversify my skillset.


  • There’s nothing quite like seeing your writing in print…

When I joined the team three years ago, the one thing I knew was that I wanted to write. Matching the energy of our Director, Louise, who has always said that we are first and foremost, writers… I knew Technical Marketing would be a fantastic place for me to develop my own personal writing style and adopt new copywriting techniques that would see me through my career.

Naturally falling more into the PR side of things at TMPR, proactive pitching and PR strategy has been a personal favourite of mine. Aligning messages and audiences to promote business priorities through strong PR campaigns has been a great way to build relationships with the media and educate the market on client offerings. As a result, one of the most rewarding parts of my role is seeing the work I’ve produced coming through the letterbox in trade journal titles!


  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Possibly the most important and rewarding parts of my role over the last three years has been working with the team. As a small agency, having the agility and flexibility to support colleagues to meet deadlines and achieve goals has been important and this is something the TMPR team has down to a fine art…

Beyond working in the office together, we’ve also done some great team building activities and have many a drunken tale to tell!


  • Winner winner chicken dinner…

Finally, being recognised as Wales’ Outstanding Small PR Consultancy was a huge highlight. Working hard to support our clients to achieve their marketing ambitions, TMPR has earned a rather unique position amongst its clients, forming an extension of their in-house teams. With this balance making the day-to-day easy to navigate, being named as an award-winning agency for the support we have provided and campaigns run was an incredibly special moment to be a part of.


As I close the door to our office in Penarth for the last time, (Tom, have you got keys? I’ve forgotten mine…) I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me. From our clients, to the work and the team – it’s been a blast and I am proud to have been a part of the TMPR Team.

Keep smashing it guys ♥