Community is at the Heart

Here at Technical Marketing & PR, we are passionate about the future of Wales’ development. For this reason, TMPR consultant, Louise Matthews, volunteers as a non-executive director on the board for Planning Aid Wales, where she brings 15 years of marketing and PR experience to bolster the organisation’s communication capabilities.

Planning Aid Wales is a charity that works towards creating effective community involvement in planning and building development. The organisation promotes and facilitates community engagement, to help all voices be heard in the planning of Wales’ future.

With an ever-growing population, there is a need for the development of more houses and community facilities in Wales, with TMPR believing that community is at the heart of creating effective development policies. Louise comments: “Planning Aid Wales advocates that communication between local councils and the public is essential. I am proud to bring my marketing and PR skills to the charity, as it provides a future vision that looks to maximise community welfare.”

Take a look at Planning Aid Wales’ website to find out more about its services or how you can volunteer to support the charity: