A new addition to the TMPR team

Woman Sitting SmilingIn the height of UK lockdown, where closed doors were the norm, TMPR opened their door (metaphorically) to a young Australian who found herself on the wrong side of the world. Hazel joined the team in March, and has quickly settled into our fast-paced way of life.

You may be wondering, what are her koalifications? Well, with a BA double-majoring in communications and marketing, Hazel’s experience in marketing had all been B2C up until now. But she has welcomed the opportunity for professional growth with open arms, and is always excited to learn something new.

In her first month at the agency, Hazel quickly got to work getting stuck-in to writing blog posts, organising PR activities, and picking up the overflow from our rapidly growing business, all the while learning as much as she can about the intricate world of construction and manufacturing marcoms.

“Starting fresh in a new job is tricky, let alone when you have to work remotely, but Louise and the team at TMPR have been so accommodating, and have truly done everything they can to make the transition as smooth as possible.” Hazel said of the move, “I feel very welcomed. I just wish everyone would stop making questionable geographically-themed jokes…”

It would be pretty kanga-rude of us not to say oath, Hazel, you’re a true blue ripper Sheila.

Celebrating Tom’s two-year TMPR tenure…

This week, we’re marking two years since Tom Martin first joined the Technical Marketing & PR team!

The pandemic saw Tom’s second year with TMPR take place against a very different backdrop to the first, but he has carried on working closely and creatively with the team and our clients no matter the situation – and always with a smile!

Over the past year, Tom has carved out more of a niche within the team and his highlights include seeing a major client campaign through to launch after managing data analysis and copywriting, and securing a selection of exciting articles in the press. Tom has truly gotten stuck in to the TMPR spirit, becoming a subject matter expert on a range of technical topics and finding new ways to communicate manufacturing and engineering with flair.

Although team outings haven’t gone much further than Zoom recently, Tom can’t wait to meet up with the team again to have some fun and really start getting back to normality – and with more and more of Wales opening up again, it surely won’t be long!

From the TMPR team, we’re still so pleased to have you on board and can’t wait to see what the next year brings…

Hello again, friends

Well hello there! You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet lately, but don’t be fooled – we have certainly not been hibernating. Instead, we’ve been cocooning (a very different animal analogy), in a state of metamorphosis and growth.

The last year has been a collective trial for the world, but we’re coming out stronger against the odds. The TMPR team has been working busily behind the scenes as we grow our business, making sure our clients get the specialized attention they deserve.

In fact, we’ve been focusing so much on our clients, and keeping the collaborative spirit alive in our team, that we’ve had no time to pop our heads up and do a little bit of PR for ourselves.

Zoom sweet Zoom

Working from home has been a learning curve. In an industry that focuses so much on relationships, removing the face-to-face element has meant we have had to shift gears and rethink how we communicate.

Digital communications are more crucial today than ever before, and we’re proud to be part of an industry that has helped the world stay connected in difficult times. Clients have been our priority, and the TMPR team have been absolute champions in keeping things moving in a time where roadblocks have become the norm.

Celebrating milestones has been tricky. Sadly, the immortal words of the Beastie Boys have never been less relevant: the right to party has not been a plight worth fighting for!

That’s not to say that we haven’t had chances to celebrate: a virtual Christmas party, afternoon tea, pay day pizza deliveries, and valentines cheese hampers (to name a few), have all been facilitated by Zoom, the unequivocal MVP of the last year.

And so…

As the flowers are beginning to bloom, and beer gardens boom, we thought it’s time to emerge from our chrysalis and say “hello again, friends”. We’d say “we’re back” but we never went away!

Watch this space… there’s plenty more to come.

Re-thinking events: Taking them online

One of the longest standing forms of marketing, events are a major element in many businesses’ marketing strategies. Particularly well-established in B2B sectors, events such as trade shows, are the ideal opportunity for brands to elevate themselves on a relevant platform with a targeted audience. To launch new products, network with the industry or generate new leads, face-to-face events have been fundamental.

Much like every other area of marketing there has been a rise in digital formats in recent years – webinars proving particularly popular. That said, face-to-face events are still a major springboard for activity for many businesses.

However, as face-to-face events have halted for the foreseeable future, now could be the perfect opportunity to add digital events to your plan and get creative with the space to explore what works (or more importantly, what doesn’t) for your brand.

So, if you’re looking to get started, what are some of the practical things you need to consider?

  • Audio – Audio is the most important element in online events. Ensure you have appropriate mics and technology that you can rely on.
  • Video – Live video is not always needed, but if this is your chosen method, use it as an opportunity to share the experience – and most importantly, it has to be done right.
  • Time – Dive into the most important content quickly. It is vital that your audiences are engaged from the outset.
  • Customisation – By taking your content and localising it for different regions is key to engaging different audiences and creating evergreen content.
  • UX – whatever your chosen platform, the user experience needs to be simple from registration through to follow up. Give your audience easy access to everything they will need to further their understanding.
  • Plan – have a structure in place but leave room for spontaneity. Audience demands may lead the way, don’t be intimidated by this, ensure you can be agile.
  • Unique – be unique and have a personality. Bring your brand to life just as you would on a stand at an event.


While face-to-face events will always have a place in the marketing strategy of B2B brands, digital events can help to plug the content gap while we wait for normality to resume. And when it does, we expect to see much wider spread digital adoption given that they break down geographical and time boundaries, making audiences accessible without the need for travel.

In fact, the current situation could actually be the catalyst needed for many businesses to review event strategies and identify where digital has the potential to add value.

Tom’s TMPR highlights – a year in the making

Amidst uncertain times and new working procedures, Technical Marketing & PR has cause for celebration, with this week marking one year since Tom Martin first joined the team!

Looking back on his first year, Tom was spoilt for choice in selecting a few highlights. From the numerous personal development opportunities and training sessions to attending networking events on behalf of the business, it has been an eclectic and exciting time during which he has become a valued member of the team.

Tom took a hands-on role from day one, immersing himself in a wide range of activities and developing new skills – and has produced several successfully-targeted social media advertising campaigns.

Being the sole England supporter in the TMPR contingent has led to few rugby-induced heartbreaks along the way (much to the joy of the surrounding team), but Tom has fit right in with the company’s enduringly positive atmosphere. For England, there’s always next year – and Tom’s second year at TMPR will surely see him encounter new challenges and scale new heights.

From the TMPR team, we’re proud to have you on board – and look forward to toasting our collective successes once we can meet up again!

Marketing in Construction Summit 2020

As specialists in providing marketing and PR support for businesses within the construction and manufacturing sectors, it was a no-brainer for us to attend the Marketing in Construction Summit. Having attended for the first time in 2019, this year it was Alexandra’s turn to make the trip to the big smoke as the face of TMPR – networking with industry partners and listening in on thought-provoking seminars all focused around marketing in construction.

Here she takes a few minutes to share some of her personal highlights:


Hosted at CentrEd at the ExCel in London, the Marketing in Construction Summit saw a series of sessions from industry leaders and opportunities to share best practice advice on brand awareness, digital comms and much more! But, a few sessions stood out to me and echoed the advice that we share with our clients, so I thought I’d share three top tips that can be used to enhance service offering for clients.


  1. Website Optimisation

Being found on the first page of Google is an ambition for most businesses in today’s technological world and SEO is more important now than ever before. Google assesses a website’s trust based on how it appears on a mobile device first and foremost and desktop later – so it is imperative that your website has been optimised for mobiles!

Also, SEO keywords need to go into the hundreds! Pick the battles you can win (eg. Location, specific businesses USPs) and you have more of a chance of appearing on that first page. If your SEO is up to scratch, that should work even better than PPC!


  1. Content is king

At TMPR, content is our area of expertise so one session that resonated with what we do as a business was storytelling. Within stories, the reader trusts the teller and influence is created through emotional engagement – and this should be the same with your marketing strategy. The construction industry has faced a lot of scrutiny over the last few years, and as marketers, we can change this by telling stories that we truly believe in and adapting our copy to the right audience.

Immersion, simplicity and familiarity are key!


  1. Crisis Communications

We’re PR people as well as marketers, so understanding crisis control is essential. It is important to have a crisis plan in place, but where to start? Begin by identifying what is most likely to occur and then move towards what is going to be most damaging… By being proactive and having a crisis plan in place, clients can focus their time where it is needed in an emergency and most importantly are able to keep communicating with stakeholders!


These are just three top tips that reflect what we believe as a marketing agency and share with our clients. The Marketing in Construction Summit is the only one of its kind in the UK and is a great opportunity to meet up with industry partners, share ideas and expertise, but most importantly, ensure we continue to deliver the very best for our clients.

To find out more about the event and mark a date in the diary for next year, please visit https://summits.ukconstructionweek.com/index.php.

Technical Marketing & PR welcomes back Alex

TMPR is over the moon to welcome back Alex Lambden back into the team and provide a further insight in what it takes to be a successful marketeer.

Joining the team for a student placement for three months last year, Alex learnt how to create cutting-edge copywriting and discovered a passion for industry standard video production. After a short hiatus for his Erasmus year in Spain, he has returned to Cardiff University for his final year and is eager to brush up on his marketing expertise.

“I’m really excited to be back with the TMPR team, and this time in their new office in Penarth,” Alex explains “It’s amazing to see how the company has grown, as well as being back under the team’s guidance who are so dedicated to expanding my professional skillset.”

The mention of the name Alex in the office has now produced an amusing situation, with two heads now turning instead of one. We’re still looking for nicknames to differentiate between the two.

It’s great to have Alex back in the swing of things, and we recommend other students to keep updated on any student placements that Technical Marketing & PR might offer in the future!

Technical Marketing & PR Named #1 Outstanding Small PR Consultancy in Wales

At the annual CIPR PRide Cymru Awards, Technical Marketing & PR has been awarded gold in the ‘Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’ category. The awards ceremony which was held at Cardiff’s Exchange Hotel on Friday 11th October and hosted by TV and radio personality Jason Mohammad, celebrated the best of PR in Wales.

“Since laying down roots in South Wales, Technical Marketing & PR has gone from strength to strength with expansion of the in-house team and growing our South Wales client base. It is incredible to be recognised as the leading small PR consultancy in Wales whilst staying true to our core sectors,” said Louise Morgan, Director at Technical Marketing & PR.

The judges commented: “Technical Marketing & PR’s clear, well thought out strategy has supported profitable growth, with impressive global reach which has seen successful campaign delivery as far afield as Russia. Yet this dedicated agency remains committed to supporting its local community; delivering workshops through the local business network and building strategic partnerships with businesses in South Wales. The judges were extremely impressed by Technical Marketing & PR’s continued investment in its staff, with a strong focus on CPD and ensuring up-to-date knowledge of data compliancy and information governance.”

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners from the night, there is some incredible PR talent in Wales. See the full list of winners and finalists here.

One year on… Alexandra’s TMPR Highlights

This week marks one year since Alexandra Davies joined our team as Junior Account Executive… and what an amazing 12 months it has been!

When speaking to Alexandra about her personal highlights, she’s always quick to cite that securing bylined articles in the trade press is one of her favourites (especially when she takes the printed copy home to share with her family and friends). She’s also fast become our resident social media guru, leading the charge with campaign set up and management using recently introduced platforms to the agency.

And aside from the professional progress she has made (which has been high quality and fast paced), Alexandra is a very valued member of our small but perfectly formed and specialist team.

In fact, Alexandra has assumed the official position of ‘Social Secretary’ which in the last year has seen TMPR head out to events such as the Wales v England rugby game, to ‘paint-a-pot’ when we needed coasters for the new office (Alexandra painted a bee on hers… which was no surprise), as well as to celebrate Beaujolais Day in Cardiff.

So, on behalf of your esteemed colleagues at TMPR, we’d like to thank you for being such a fab team member, making us laugh and being truly awesome at PR and marketing.

Enjoy the beehive cake!

Technical Marketing & PR Celebrates Double Shortlisting in Regional PR Awards

For the second consecutive year, Technical Marketing & PR has been shortlisted in the ‘Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’ category at the CIPR Cymru Wales PRide Awards. The awards recognise leading agencies and individuals in Wales, and celebrates the successes of PR in many businesses and organisations. Technical Marketing & PR has continued to deliver outstanding campaigns and services for a diverse range of clients, and the shortlisting acknowledges the exceptional work of the team.

In addition to the shortlisting for ‘Oustanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’, Technical Marketing & PR is also celebrating the recognition of its Account Executive, David Williams, who has been shortlisted as ‘Outstanding Young Communicator’. David joined the team in 2017, and his prowess in communication along with a passion for PR has contributed greatly to much of Technical Marketing & PR’s recent success.

Commenting on the news, David said: “I’m thrilled to be recognised for my achievements in the shortlisting for ‘Young Communicator of the Year’ at the CIPR PRide Cymru Awards.  When I joined the team I was just beginning my career in marketing & PR, and in a short space of time I am extremely proud of the progress I’ve made.”

Louise Matthews, Director of Technical Marketing & PR, said: “We are extremely pleased to be shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’ again this year. We constantly strive to deliver industry leading marketing and PR services for our clients, and the shortlisting is testament to the commitment of our team. David’s shortlisting as ‘Outstanding Young’ Communicator is indicative of this enthusiasm, and moreso of his remarkable development. I know I speak for all of us when I say we are very proud!”

You can see the full CIPR PRide Awards Cymru shortlist here.  Winners will be announced at the Cymru Wales PRide Awards ceremony on 11th October 2019 at The Exchange Hotel, Cardiff.