Celebrating Tom’s two-year TMPR tenure…

This week, we’re marking two years since Tom Martin first joined the Technical Marketing & PR team!

The pandemic saw Tom’s second year with TMPR take place against a very different backdrop to the first, but he has carried on working closely and creatively with the team and our clients no matter the situation – and always with a smile!

Over the past year, Tom has carved out more of a niche within the team and his highlights include seeing a major client campaign through to launch after managing data analysis and copywriting, and securing a selection of exciting articles in the press. Tom has truly gotten stuck in to the TMPR spirit, becoming a subject matter expert on a range of technical topics and finding new ways to communicate manufacturing and engineering with flair.

Although team outings haven’t gone much further than Zoom recently, Tom can’t wait to meet up with the team again to have some fun and really start getting back to normality – and with more and more of Wales opening up again, it surely won’t be long!

From the TMPR team, we’re still so pleased to have you on board and can’t wait to see what the next year brings…

Hello again, friends

Well hello there! You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet lately, but don’t be fooled – we have certainly not been hibernating. Instead, we’ve been cocooning (a very different animal analogy), in a state of metamorphosis and growth.

The last year has been a collective trial for the world, but we’re coming out stronger against the odds. The TMPR team has been working busily behind the scenes as we grow our business, making sure our clients get the specialized attention they deserve.

In fact, we’ve been focusing so much on our clients, and keeping the collaborative spirit alive in our team, that we’ve had no time to pop our heads up and do a little bit of PR for ourselves.

Zoom sweet Zoom

Working from home has been a learning curve. In an industry that focuses so much on relationships, removing the face-to-face element has meant we have had to shift gears and rethink how we communicate.

Digital communications are more crucial today than ever before, and we’re proud to be part of an industry that has helped the world stay connected in difficult times. Clients have been our priority, and the TMPR team have been absolute champions in keeping things moving in a time where roadblocks have become the norm.

Celebrating milestones has been tricky. Sadly, the immortal words of the Beastie Boys have never been less relevant: the right to party has not been a plight worth fighting for!

That’s not to say that we haven’t had chances to celebrate: a virtual Christmas party, afternoon tea, pay day pizza deliveries, and valentines cheese hampers (to name a few), have all been facilitated by Zoom, the unequivocal MVP of the last year.

And so…

As the flowers are beginning to bloom, and beer gardens boom, we thought it’s time to emerge from our chrysalis and say “hello again, friends”. We’d say “we’re back” but we never went away!

Watch this space… there’s plenty more to come.